In a world of markets fuelled by competition, innovation is King. In previous years, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer spent 17% of its revenue on R&D, nearly $14bn. Food company, Mondelez spent 5% of its revenue, at $1.2bn. And Rolls Royce spent over £1bn on R&D projects to aid its position as a leading supplier of aerospace and defence products. Market leaders recognise the long-term benefits of research, and they invest in and collaborate with leading academic institutions and industry partners to develop ideas into feasible products.

However, there is still a disparity between what researchers can achieve in a lab vs how a job would perform on a shop floor. Collaborations between the largest companies and academic institutes provide great in-roads to scaling up technologies to their useable formats. 1 kg of a novel material is a tremendous amount in a research lab, but it would be nowhere near enough to try and incorporate it into the largest production lines in the world. Likewise, the tolerances of new materials are much larger than most manufacturing sites would be able to accept.

Thus, a middle ground is needed. Where manufacturing techniques can be applied to small production runs at a scale that research labs can generate, while the consistency of larger scale processes can be achieved.

Moore & Buckle is proud to have collaborated with leading academic institutions and their spin-out companies who are aiming to get ideas out of the lab and into a manufacturing perspective as soon as possible. We offer printing, laminating, and coating facilities up to 330mm wide using our two Dixon machines, and with our on-site slitting and corona treating facilities, we can work with your material in any form.

Our technical team and production staff have over 150 years of hands on manufacturing experience, and we aim to take on any challenge and see it to success!

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