Bespoke Coffee Packaging
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There are great opportunities for smaller coffee producers to sell their products.
But in a convenience-focussed, fast paced world, there is a requirement to have
stand-out packaging that catches the eye without breaking the bank.
Why buy from
Moore & Buckle?
  • Everything we produce is made at our site in St.Helens, Merseyside.
  • We are BRC certified, with AA rating.
  • We have good stock of all lines but we can also make bespoke sizes and different materials.
  • We can supply with or without de-gassing valves.
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    At Moore & Buckle we have been supplying tailored
    flexible packaging solutions to customers in the
    UK and around the world for over 40 years.

    We have a range of pre-made gusseted bags which can be provided for vacuum packing. Since roasted coffee continues releasing gases, a degassing valve can be added which will prevent the bag from bursting or leaking. This one-way valve allows volatile gases to escape but prevents oxygen or moisture from entering.

    If you require a bespoke size, material, or would like to arrange print, please speak to one of our friendly sales team and we will help get you to your desired pouch. Or if you’re unsure which option is best for you, request a sample and it will be arranged ASAP.

    A55W 1kg with valve

    Clear 1kg with valve

    Metallised 500g with valve

    A55W 500g no valve

    Metallised 1kg no valve

    Clear 500g no valve

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    Contact our team at or 01744 733066
    to place and order or request a sample.