Tea and Coffee Packaging

If your USP is an exclusive tea blend or unique coffee roast, mass production is the last thing on your mind. You need high quality flexible packaging to enhance your premium product, but short production runs to match your supply projections.

Moore and Buckle’s commitment to flexible production makes us the ideal choice for burgeoning specialist coffee and tea suppliers. We enter business relationships for the long term and so will never demand a minimum order quantity from you. We prefer to grow our business with you, at your pace. That way lies a strong and beneficial relationship.

Even on short runs, we offer an extensive range of pouches, in white or brown Kraft paper and clear, silver or gold gusseted bags at sizes up to 5kg. We supply stand-up coffee pouches with valves and/or grippers to keep your product fresh once opened. We can supply bags printed with your own unique branding or you can add your own labels. Our pouches are equally suited to hand or automated filling while our laminate reels, slit to size, are ideal if you have your own form, fill and seal machines.

As part of Moore and Buckle’s commitment to the environment, we have also developed a range of bio-degradable and compostable laminates to suit your customers who are seeking environmentally friendly coffee and tea pouches.

Call our sales team for a quote today. If you prefer, drop us a quick email and we’ll get straight back to you. And remember, we never require a minimum quantity order.
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