Disaster Recovery of Damaged Reels

Laminate is an expensive product, so throwing it away if reels get damaged or mis-aligned is not an option.

Each reel is wound around a hollow core, like a giant kitchen roll, and it’s easy for these cores to be crushed and mis-shapen in transit or on the factory floor. In addition, insurance protection demands that any damaged roll of laminate must be checked for contamination in line with BRC regulations.

Equally, if laminate is not wound onto the core precisely , the edge of the roll will start to ‘telescope’ instead of being flat. And correcting print lead-offs and reversing the winding on reels where sealing layers or incorrect sized cores may be an issue, can also be a common problem.

All of these require the laminate to be reeled off its original core and checked carefully before being precisely reeled onto a new one. Such ‘disaster recovery’ is a speciality of Moore and Buckle who are the sector’s go-to company to save clients thousands of pounds in lost laminate.

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