Food Packaging

If you’re known by the company you keep, we’re proud to say that leading household brands have entrusted the freshness of their products to Moore and Buckle.

Our pouches have stored everything from loose tea to premium chocolate. Maintaining premium quality is essential to food companies such as these. Their reputation depends upon it and it’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

We were recently audited by the British Retail Consortium and once again achieved the BRC fifth edition ‘Food Safe Grade AA’, the highest level that can be awarded. Our focus on quality and hygiene is total and 24/7.

Moore and Buckle offers a huge range of flexible packaging pouches and laminates to every part of the food industry. You’re as likely to find them on the supermarket shelf as the farmers’ market stall.

We can help you choose the right material to extend the shelf life of your produce, and our narrow width laminating facility is ideal both for making trial laminates and conducting test runs of newly designed pouches. And if you have a technical question, our team with a collective 150 years hands-on experience, are waiting to hear from you.

You can also choose from a full range of additional features, such as resealable grippers, spouts, K seals and Doy plates. And with six pouch machines, we’re geared up to making all types of pouch in the numbers you require.

Call our sales team for a quote today. If you prefer, drop us a quick email and we’ll get straight back to you. And remember, we never require a minimum quantity order.
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