Seed Packaging

Did you know the Global Seed Bank in the Arctic Circle has over 960,000 samples in its vaults?

Protecting this seed supply for future generations is a massive responsibility that Moore and Buckle is proud to take on. Stored at a constant temperature of -18ºC, the seed must remain viable for at least 25 years. There’s no margin for error. Each of our sealed seed pouches must work perfectly.

It took us months of trialing to finally develop the right pouch material – four layers laminated together, including heavyweight foil providing a vital moisture barrier.

We ship the finished pouches to Kew and other botanical gardens across the world who use them to send seeds to the vault in Svalbard, an island halfway between Norway and the North Pole, there to be protected from future natural or man-made disasters. Moore and Buckle are the only approved supplier of pouches for Svalbard.

We also provide many of the UK’s largest botanical and agricultural seed merchants with finished pouches for hand filling or slit reels to be used on form, fill and seal machines. We can make pouches to a required size and advise customers on achieving correct oxygen and moisture barrier specifications.

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