Coffee Packaging

Watching a coffee shop barista at work, you can see how much care goes into making your cappuccino.

It’s all about preserving the freshly roasted flavour, which is the same reason we offer one-way valves in pre-made coffee pouches.

Immediately coffee beans are roasted they emit a gas. Traditionally, growers had to wait several days before packing their beans or ground coffee, otherwise the sealed bags would bloat and eventually burst. The delay noticeably reduced the freshness of the coffee.

To combat this, Moore and Buckle invested in a Coffee Valve Applicator, so we now supply coffee bags embedded with a one-way degassing valve, letting the gas out, but no air in. The result is coffee that is both fresher when packed and has a longer shelf life.

And our latest innovation in this field is the introduction of compostable coffee bags, which also have compostable valves, a great advance in recycling technology.

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