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What we do

For over 37 years, Moore and Buckle have specialised in bespoke pouch making, rewinding, slitting, laminating, sheeting and recovery work, amongst other specialist flexible packaging work. Moore & Buckle work with large multi-national companies, through to start up businesses, looking to produce small runs of new product packaging.

Our Vision

To supply our customers with flexible packaging materials which are safe, legal and of excellent quality in many different formats.

Our Products & Services

Moore & Buckle specialise in supplying reels and pouches, in both plain and printed form, to a wide variety of industries, including the food, agricultural and pharmaceutical markets. We are continually monitoring flexible packaging trends and looking to find new and innovative packaging types so we can offer custom product packaging. We are currently developing a range of bio degradable packaging materials to enable us to offer eco-friendly product packaging.

Moore & Buckle also offer a disaster reel recovery service on customer’s own reels, where we will rectify anything from crushed cores to misaligned/telescoped reels and improve tension issues where they currently exist.

Moore & Buckle have many years of experience in the flexible packaging industry and can provide technical support and advice on the correct use of laminates, across many applications.

Food Safe Certification

In October 2018, Moore & Buckle Ltd achieved British Retail Consortium edition 5 ‘Food Safe Grade AA Rating’ for the third consecutive year, following on from 6 years of edition 4, ‘Food Safe Grade A’. See below for our latest certification. Click here for more information on the work of BRC.

Moore & Buckle has a responsibility to its customers and this is achieved through the development and implementation of BRC HACCP systems and continuous improvement. We are committed to producing safe packaging materials through good manufacturing practices that will meet legislative requirements and the specifications and quality standards agreed with customers. These will be achieved through the implementation and maintenance of the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials, and recently incorporating the Pharmaceutical standard, PS9000:2011 which apply to all activities on-site.

Paul, Sue, Tom & John have total of 130 years with us ~ impressive!

Combined experience of over 130 years at Moore & Buckle - Paul, Sue, Tom & John
Moore & Buckle Team

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