We’re an experienced packaging manufacturer that delivers bespoke solutions to our clients across the UK. Operating from our base in St Helens, we work with a variety of industries whether they need a small run of specialist packaging or a much higher volume.

With a diverse range of clients across the UK, we’re able to make a big difference to meet packaging requirements that are a little different from the norm. We have an onsite R&D service that will work with your to develop packaging that fits your needs 100%.

Sectors We Provide Our Flexible Packaging For

Over the last 37 years, we’ve worked with a wide range of industries and sectors. For some, it’s about developing specialist packaging that is needed as a one-off solution. Other times we build longstanding and beneficial relationships with companies and organisations because they know we always deliver the bespoke packaging required.

Automotive and Aerospace Businesses

Always a demanding sector to work in, many businesses require a flexible packaging manufacturer to provide solutions for the storage and transportation of everything from wheel bearings to grease and oil pouches. With any industry where innovation is required, it’s as much about choosing the right materials as working on the packaging design.

Clinical Trials and Pharmaceutical Companies

When you are providing packaging for products such as medicines or specialist instruments, you need to maintain high standards at all time. Packaging in this sector has to be tailored exactly to the customer’s needs to ensure safety in transit or while in storage.

Other areas that we work with at Moore and Buckle are the coffee and tea industry, the food and hospitality sector and the veterinary profession. Sometimes we have solutions for flexible packaging on hand – we’ve developed a range of different pouches and containers over the years for other customers. Other times we need to come up with something entirely new that better suits our customer’s requirements and which they can be confident will work.

Why Choose Moore and Buckle?

We’re a UK focused company that delivers what our customers really need. Many of our staff have worked for Moore and Buckle for more than a decade and some have been there since its inception in 1981.

Flexible Packaging

While other packaging manufacturers supply the same old solutions, when you need something different it’s best to work with a company that knows what they are doing. No job is too big or too small for the team at Moore and Buckle.

Adapting to Customer Needs

Customer needs can change over time, especially as they develop different products. Many of our long-standing customers use us because we understand their requirements and have worked with them before. There’s no starting back at step one and they can depend on a top-class delivery.

Nearly Four Decades of Experience

Finally, with so much experience behind our team, you can depend on Moore and Buckle to give your next packaging challenge our full attention. You won’t find a more experienced and well-equipped manufacturers in the UK. If we need to do R&D to create new packaging for you, our team is ready to go. Contact us today to find out how we can help.