Whether you have aerospace parts in transit to customers or need to store them safely and securely, one thing you really need to be certain of is that the packing is fit for purpose.

While industries like retail and food manufacture can settle on tried and tested, bulk solutions, aerospace packaging often requires bespoke materials and designs that are better suited to their components. It can be difficult to find a manufacturer and designer who understands what the requirements are and has the facilities in place to actually deliver.

Moore and Buckle are the leading providers and manufacturers of bespoke and niche packaging solutions in the UK. Many of our customers come from the aerospace and automotive industries where innovation in packaging is often a key worry when it comes to storing and transporting valuable parts.

Whether you need to protect valuable parts such as wheel bearings or need pouches for packing grease, we are able to cover all your needs.

Why Choose Moore and Buckle for Your Aerospace Packaging?

We’re a long-established company with a 37-year track record of delivering bespoke packaging solutions to a range of different sectors, including the aerospace industry. We are proud of our flexible approach which ensures we can adapt to whatever your needs are.

We understand that our aerospace clients often have very niche problems to solve when it comes to packaging. We have our own research and development team on board which ensures we are able to liaise closely with all relevant stakeholders to find packaging solutions that actually work. That includes for high volume aerospace packaging manufacture as well as one-off, speciality solutions.

The fact that we deal with a wide range of different industries means we can bring a high degree of innovation and creative thinking when it comes to any packaging requirements. Our job is to come up with the answers that solve your problem and to implement the manufacture and delivery according to your timeline. We may already have something in stock but can also develop an entirely new form of aerospace packaging for your business.

The technical expertise that we have in the packaging arena means that we can help you select the right materials and design for your order. We don’t require a minimum order and we aim to be as flexible as possible in helping you achieve your aims.

We’re a UK based company with a pretty proud heritage. Based in St Helens, we’ve worked with a whole range of aerospace companies, both big and small, across the UK. Our staff bring with them a lot of experience in the packaging sector and we’re a company that is always striving to improve its processes.

As a leader in the aerospace packaging field, we can help you deliver bespoke solutions, ensure safety of parts in transit, providing you with a reliable partner who can meet your needs at all times and be responsive to your requirements with a flexible and speedy approach, all backed by many years of cutting edge research and development.

If you would like to discuss your aerospace packaging needs, contact our sales team today to see how we can help.