For suppliers of veterinary products and medicines, delivering quality, sterilised products and equipment means maintaining the integrity of products for storage and transit.

At Moore & Buckle, we understand that suppliers are continuously under pressure to deliver quality at an exceptional price.

With our packaging solutions, you can be sure of both. Our packaging developed to Pharmaceutical standard PS9000:2011 and British Retail Consortium’s fifth edition ‘Food Safe Grade AA’ – which is above what is normally expected for veterinary products.

At Moore & Buckle we have a long history of working in close collaboration with vets and clinicians supplying flexible packaging often featuring protective barriers and sealed packaging ensuring exacting hygiene requirements are met and exceeded.

Pharmaceutical standard PS9000:2011 is the industry gold standard. Moore & Buckle adhere to this standard for veterinary products which provides extra reassurance our clients demand and expect.

Our work producing packaging for animal feed and foodstuffs has afforded us great insight into what the market needs as the pace of new product development and advances in technology mean we are often required to work under NDA’s as we partner with forward thinking organisations to bring new products to market.

British Retail Consortium’s The British Retail Consortium’s standard is employed as it sets exceptionally high standards for the packaging industry.

Why Choose Moore & Buckle

The challenge for many veterinary supply companies is to forge collaborative relationships with our partners that understand the unique challenges involved; including both technical and regulatory requirements. Here at Moore & Buckle, we provide a wide range of laminates in both pouch and reel format but can also tailor packaging solutions to client needs.  We understand the need for flexibility.  Our minimum order quantity is a single unit.

If you are searching for solutions that involve high-quality flexible packaging Moore & Buckle can probably help.  We’re proud to be a long standing UK based business dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service.

If you feel you need a professional “sounding board” please get in touch. We don’t charge for advice.