Seed Packaging Manufacturer

At Moore and Buckle, we’ve been involved in helping to set high standards when it comes to packaging used in a wide range of industries. Nowhere has this been more important than with our extensive range of seed packaging.

Not only have we worked with seed banks and botanical gardens around the world, we also provide seed packaging for many botanical and agricultural merchants in the UK. Over the years, it’s taken a lot of design and innovation on the part of our R&D department to come up with the perfect solution.

Finding the right pouch material for seed packaging is not easy. You want a material that has a sufficient moisture barrier to prevent the seeds from germinating.

Seeds can spend a lot of time in storage before they are actually used and effective packaging is vital if you want that period to be extended as long as possible. With nearly 40 years’ experience in the world of packaging manufacturing, our highly expert team knows more than most what it takes to protect seeds.

Our work with the Global Seed Bank in Svalbard means that we were able to develop a range of seed packaging that keeps its contents protected for up to 25 years.

The Global Seed Bank

You may not realise it but there’s a massive operation to help save all the seeds in the world in a single vault in the Arctic. This isn’t in anticipation of world armageddon but to ensure that crop species are protected and can be replaced if something local and catastrophic happens.

With nearly a million seeds contained in specially designed vaults, developing pouches that protect these different varieties was a huge job. The pouches are given to botanical gardens around the world who then collect the seeds and send them to the storage facility in Svalbard.

Your Seed Packaging Needs

Working on projects such as Svalbard has given us a strong insight into what is needed for the perfect seed packaging. Over the last four decades, we’ve seen amazing changes in manufacturing processes and have worked with a wide range of different businesses and organisations. Our expertise has grown considerably during that time and our R&D capacity in this area is second to none.

Whether you are a merchant or small supplier, garden centre or other seed supplier, finding the right pouches is vital.

At Moore and Buckle, we produce a wide range of standardised seed pouches for hand filling or reels of material  which can be used on form, fill and seal machines. We can also tailor solutions to your individual seed packaging needs and advise on maintaining the appropriate moisture and oxygen barrier.

If you sell seeds or are involved in transporting them as a botanical or agricultural seed merchant, we’ll be able to supply the perfect packaging for your needs. We deal with suppliers and other businesses both in the UK and all over the world. Contact us today to find out more.