More and more customers nowadays are trying to be environmentally friendly and likely to choose products that reduce their impact on the world. It’s not easy when it comes to packaging, as we see too often from images of plastics polluting our oceans.

Compostable coffee bags not only help your business reduce its impact on the environment but also deliver a strong marketing to your customers that sets you apart from the competition.

How to be a Sustainable Coffee Business

The old-style foil packaging that has been used for many years in the coffee industry has one major drawback. While it keeps the coffee fresh and perfect for the consumer, there are not many locations where you can get that packaging recycled.

Coffee, of course, is big business nowadays. From large corporations to small start-ups that offer something niche, there are literally hundreds of brands out there. Many of the new companies that have moved into coffee production, however, are not just looking at selling a great tasting product but are also focused on reducing their environmental impact as well.

There have been many different attempts at producing recyclable or compostable packaging and there are several challenges that must be overcome. First and foremost, you need a product that composts but protects the contents while it’s on the shelf.

All sorts of things can affect coffee – light, water vapour and oxygen have a big impact on taste, as can having other strong-smelling products around your coffee while it’s in the home.

At Moore and Buckle, we’ve been able to develop a range of compostable laminates which can be used for both coffee and tea pouches.

The EU standard for compostable packaging is EN 13432 and to comply with this a compostable coffee bag will need to meet several criteria. When mixed with organic waste in a compost heap it should break down within 3 months to be home compostable, for example. It shouldn’t have a negative impact on the composting process and it shouldn’t contain any heavy metals or have a negative effect on soil when added to it.

Why Choose Moore and Buckle for Compostable Coffee Bags

If you are a coffee business, finding the right partner to deliver the packaging you need is obviously important. Moore and Buckle has nearly four decades of producing high-quality packaging and pouches for a wide range of different businesses.

We have a long history of research and development on site which means that we’re always looking to innovate in the world of packaging. One of the key challenges in recent years, of course, has been producing compostable or recyclable packaging that helps reduce our impact on the environment.

We’re a company that also has flexibility built into its business model. Whether you need a small run or something larger, we’ll create and deliver your personal packaging solution

If you are searching for compostable coffee bags for your business, contact the team at Moore and Buckle today to see what we offer.