Slitting & Disaster Recovery

Slitting & Rewinding

We have 6 slitting machines so we are able to handle most slitting requests. Our machines can handle reels up to 1650mm in width and 1000mm O/D but versatile enough to also convert small reels as well, with thickness ranging from 12micron to 1000micron. Slitting a reel to a specific width is often the first stage of pouch converting.

We are also capable of providing an oxy-spraying facility where a silicon based, food approved powder is applied to either surface of the web, with a view of increasing the slip factor of a laminate which is proving difficult to run on a form fill and seal machine.

Disaster Recovery of Damaged Reels

We specialise in disaster recovery of damaged reels, where a customer may have issues with one of their own reels, such as a crushed core or the reel may have telescoped due to poor winding. Correcting print lead-offs and reversing the winding on reels where sealing layers or incorrect sized cores may be an issue, is also a common fault. Reels may have quite simply been damaged in transit and need checking over as part of the insurance procedure particularly in relation to foreign bodies and BRC regulations.