Coffee Valve Applicaton

Adds a one way de-gassing valve to pre made coffee bags

Our Valves

The latest addition to our machine range is our Coffee Valve Applicator. This allows us to apply a one way valve to pre made coffee pouches.

The valves we use are suitable for ground coffee or coffee beans. We can also supply compostable coffee bags with compostable coffee valves.

The valves only let gas out of the bag but don’t let anything pass the other way, in to the bag. This helps to preserve the shelf life of the coffee, helping it to stay fresher for longer.

Why Does Fresh Coffee Need A Valve?

During the roasting process, gas is formed inside the beans, which then slowly escapes in the days after roasting. Packing the beans at this point in to a bag without a valve will cause the bag to expand and eventually burst as the gas is released. To pack coffee in to a bag without a valve, you would need to allow the beans to sit for a few days before packing to allow the gasses to escape, meaning that you lose some of that freshly roasted flavour.

Packing in a bag with a valve will allow gasses to escape the pouch, meaning coffee can be packed sooner and therefore maintaining the freshly roasted flavour.