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Order Brand Name Xanax Online - Alprazolam Online Uk

Product Innovation
Necked Stand Up Pouch

Welcome to the first Moore & Buckle blog. I have only been with the company for a short time, so I’m just getting to grips with everything and have been spending time in our factory to see the many things we can actually do for our customers.

Moore & Buckle are constantly trying to innovate with the types of pouch that we produce, whether that be through different types of laminates or through new pouch designs and specs.

Recently, we were challenged by a health drinks manufacturer to find an alternative pouch to a nozzled pouch that could pour their juice drinks out, which are particularly aimed at children. We went away and created a necked stand up pouch (see image), which has a neck to one side and once the tear notches have been torn, will allow the liquid inside to be poured smoothly. The pouch is small enough for children to be able to hold comfortably, without dropping it.

Below is a video of the process of us converting the pouch in our factory. If you get chance to have a look at this I’d love to hear your thoughts.

You can get me at Cheap Xanax Canada, so feel free to drop me an email with any feedback. I’ll get the next blog out next week, so keep your eye out for that.

Thanks for your time


This is a Necked Stand Up Pouch which is a cost effective alternative to nozzles
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