Clinical Trials & Pharmaceutical Packaging

Bespoke Packaging

We currently provide packaging for medical instruments, including syringes, first aid kits and outers for drug packs. Our bespoke range of pouches and sample sachets can have elements like a high oxygen barrier and moisture barrier tailored to your specific requirements.

Our high barrier pouches or reels are often used in clinical trials as primary packaging materials with limited contact i.e. pipettes, syringes or glass vials. They can also be used as secondary packaging which involves a flexible packaging laminate with various barrier properties.

We often work with clinical research laboratories, providing flexible foil pouches for their trials. Our technical expertise will help you to find the right packaging for your product, even if the products are particularly aggressive or if the bag needs to be used for long term storage in a freezer.

Quality Standard

Moore & Buckle have been incorporating the Pharmaceutical standard, PS9000:2011 to all activates on site since 2015. In October 2018, Moore & Buckle Ltd achieved British Retail Consortium edition 5 ‘Food Safe Grade AA’ for the third consecutive year, following on from 6 years of edition 4, ‘Food Safe Grade A’. See below for our 2018 certification.

We welcome any pre-audits on our company that need to be completed prior to being set up as a supplier. Please contact us at for a quote or to arrange an audit.