Automotive & Aerospace

Grease, Oil and Solvent Packaging

We currently offer a range of finished pouches and reels to the Automotive and Aerospace industries.

We provide motor oil packaging to a range of companies in the industry, in a variety of different sizes. Our pouches can be fitted with nozzles and spouts to enable the contents to be poured easily.

Pouches provide a great alternative to solid plastic container, taking up less space and with the added benefit of being able to easily add layers to the pouch to provide additional protection for the product. Flexible packaging pouches are also great for wheel bearing packaging.

We also provide reels to customers using a form, fill and seal machine to pack parts or grease, oil and solvents.

New Product Development

Recently, we have developed some additional products for packing grease. Our latest pouch is a Necked Stand Up Pouch, which once the tear notch is ripped, funnels the liquid through the neck for easy application.

Our technical knowledge will help to find the perfect solution for your product, even if it has aggressive properties that will normally attack the seals on a pouch.

Three Side Seal Bag with Nozzle for pouring liquids
This is a Necked Stand Up Pouch which is a cost effective alternative to nozzles

Necked Stand Up Pouch – UK Production