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Order Alprazolam Online India, Buying Xanax In Mexico

Cheap Xanax Canada

Order Alprazolam Online India, Buying Xanax In Mexico

We are the UK’s go-to packaging manufacturer for the difficult things others can’t do…

About Us

For over 37 years, Moore and Buckle have specialised in bespoke pouch making, rewinding, slitting, laminating, sheeting and recovery work, amongst other specialist flexible packaging work. Moore & Buckle work with start-up businesses through to large multi-national companies, looking to help identify and understand technical requirements and to then offer competitive conversion of short to large run enquiries and orders.

We are very proud of our UK manufacturing heritage, which gives us great flexibility for completing jobs quickly and to the highest standard.

Our History

Moore & Buckle was formed in 1981, by founders Mike Moore and Barry Buckle, following them being made redundant from national packaging company, Metal Box, after it closed its Merseyside site. Because of the closure Mike and Barry were able to purchase some of the redundant machines from Metal Box, acquired premises in St Helens and Moore & Buckle Flexible Packaging Ltd was created. Bruce Pritchard also a former Metal Box employee joined them a few years later and bringing his expert Xanax Order Online - Canada knowledge with him.

Mike and Barry have both since retired and current Managing Director, Derek Hewitt was brought on in 2004 to help Bruce with the running of the company. It was at this time that we also moved in to our current premises on Sutton Fold, St Helens, Merseyside.

There is a real family feel within the team and many of our staff have been with us for years. Paul, Sue, John & Tom have amassed over 130 years of experience with Moore & Buckle between them, impressive!!!

Products & Services

We offer a wide range of finished packaging products and services, from pouch conversion, to slitting, laminating and die cutting. Work is carried out at our UK factory in St. Helens and finished to the highest standards.

We are always looking at flexible packaging trends to keep up to date with the packaging industry innovations. We are experts in flexible packaging trial work, so if you have any new products developments, why not give us a try.

For a full range of these services please visit the Buy Alprazolam Next Day Delivery page.

Why choose Moore & Buckle?

Here at Moore & Buckle, we pride ourselves on our reputation amongst our customers and peers for delivering high quality flexible packaging materials and having excellent customer service.

No job is too small for us and we will give the same care and attention to a run of one as we do to a run of thousands. The added value most of our clients enjoy is our ability to tailor make specific products – we do not force minimum order quantities as some other, less specialist suppliers do, in terms of size, material and features – it really is up to you!

If you are unsure of what type of Buy Xanax 2Mg Cheap you will need, or what laminate to use, you’ll find our expertise invaluable.

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